GACX Descriptions

A Church

A healthy, multiplying church is a sustainable body of believers and followers of Jesus Christ with recognized spiritual leadership who regularly gather for worship, prayer, fellowship, instruction, communion, and baptism. These churches fulfill the Great Commandment by loving God and their neighbors and fulfill the Great Commission by making disciples of all nations. 

The churches described in the New Testament were diverse in their size, make-up, and meeting location. From small groups of believers meeting in secret, household gatherings (Acts 16), to established multi-ethnic gatherings (Acts 13, 14, 17), to thousands of Christians gathering together in one place (Acts 2:41-47), no one church looked the same. GACX member organizations plant churches that fall throughout the spectrum of church-types attested in the New Testament.


A partnership is an intentional collaboration between like-minded leaders of various churches and mission organizations toward achieving a common goal. They share a common vision and values, mobilize and optimize resources, and measure and celebrate collective progress.

As a collaborative platform, GACX inspires and facilitates collaboration among churches and missions organizations so that there will be a healthy, multiplying, and sustainable church for every 1,000 people on earth.

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