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The book of Acts is the story of Christ’s church expanding as local churches are planted around the Mediterranean and into Europe. Individuals came to Christ and formed local churches. These local churches became communities of restoration offering hope in all the areas broken by sin – our relationship with God, others, ourselves, and creation. 

GACX is focused on the continued growth of new churches globally in every relational network – every village, neighborhood, or digital space – so that every person is within reach of God’s restoration. To do this, we need at least one church for every 1,000 people, translating to 5 million or more churches.

A graph of the number of people with and without Christ
Need and Opportunity

There are 8 billion people alive today. Of those, approximately 2.5 billion claim to follow Jesus. Despite our missional activity, the percentage of the global population that follows Christ has remained the same for 123 years. The total number of people living without God is greater than at any time in history (5.5 billion). 

The global church is changing…dramatically. Fifty years ago, 70% of Christians in the world lived in the West. Today 70% of Christians live in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. We’ve grown from a Western church to a global church. This change is what historian Philip Jenkins describes as “one of the most transforming moments in the history of religion worldwide.” GACX celebrates these changing dynamics and promotes mutual respect and equality among all followers of Christ as we work side by side on God’s mission of restoration for all people.

Complex Challenges Require Collaboration

There have never been more people in need of the Gospel than now. This is a massive, complex task; no single organization or individual can tackle this alone. We must work together to invite more people to experience restoration in Christ and join his family: the church.

GACX makes this collaboration possible by connecting organizations involved in church multiplication with each other, with national alliances for church multiplication, and with the resources they need to accelerate church multiplication in every relational network of the world. The unique niche of GACX is our emphasis on facilitating organizational collaboration for church multiplication among all peoples who do not follow Christ. The GACX network brings together organizational implementers and accelerators to accomplish this mission.

Become a Member
As a member of GACX, you can inspire, initiate, and implement partnerships with member organizations. If you are not yet a member, you can help accelerate the Great Commission by joining GACX now.
A group of Christians from and church in Africa
“It was rubbing shoulders with like-minded people that got us interacting and pursuing our ideas, not just doing things ourselves, but working together. We all have the same goals and objectives, which started countless ministry opportunities for us internationally.”

Doug Mann

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